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What I Want to be and Why

2021 Criteria


WHAT is What I Want to be and Why? (WIWBW)

WIWBW is a Rotary Club of Abbeville scholarship tradition started in 1949 as an essay contest.

The current value of the scholarship is $2000.00 ($500/semester for four (4) semesters)

WHO is eligible?

-          A senior at one of the following Vermilion Parish high schools - Abbeville High, Erath High, Gueydan High, Kaplan High, North Vermilion, or Vermilion Catholic)

-          who has a minimum of a 2.5 GPA,

-           And is a TOPS University student

HOW do I enter?

Each applicant will create a self-narrated video presentation using the following guidelines:

VIDEO PRESENTATION GUIDE: (5-7 minute video presentation)

There should be a 3-slide presentation, each containing a maximum of 4 bullets.

(Bullets should only be brief points that guide the presenter, NOT a paragraph of wording.)

Slide#1 – Brief introduction of who you are

Slide#2 – Describe career pursuits and the path in which to arrive

 (Emphasize why you are choosing this field of study)

Slide#3 – How you envision using this field/ career to impact your community, state, or world



Slide 1 - Intro – 10 pts

Slide 2 - Description and emphasis – 20 pts

Slide 3 – Community/ Social Impact – 40 pts

Presentation Skills – 30 pts

Overall presentation considerations: Poise/confidence, ability to convey ideas, fluency in speaking, voice projection, clear focus on topic, facts to support research, use of correct grammar, appropriate body language and eye contact, ability to respond with facts that show in depth of research, and leadership potential.



How do I submit my video?

Videos will be uploaded to Google Drive Folder

1)      Each student interested in submitting a video will request an invitation from Ms. Madeline DeHart at the VPSB central office at She will then share with you, the Google drive folder entitled, WIWBW.

2)      Each student will submit their video by uploading onto the shared Google drive folder. Once you have shared your video, notify Ms. Madeline by email.

NOTE: Each video must be labeled accordingly: student’s first initial and last name in all caps (one word) followed by an underscore, and the school initials in lower case. Ex. MDEHART_ahs.

When is the deadline to enter?

All students must submit their videos by April 1, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. if they wish to be considered for the scholarship. NO EXCEPTIONS!

How is the winner selected?

A committee comprised of 3-5 Rotarians will review all videos and narrow the entries to 3 finalists. Finalists will be announced by Friday, April 30, 2021. These top three finalists will present, in person, to the Rotary Club on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at Noon at the American Legion Hall. (3319 Veterans Memorial Drive, Abbeville, LA 70510)

 The winner* will be announced following the three (3) finalists’ presentations, at the May 5 meeting.

*The winner agrees to uphold the 2.5 GPA requirement while attending college and produce each of four (4) semesters’ transcripts in order to receive each installment. Contact Rotarian Madeline DeHart at 337-898-5807 for further details on how to claim your check.