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How to become a guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Abbeville.

The Rotary Club of Abbeville meets every Wednesday at 12noon for a business luncheon and fellowship at the American Legion Hall in Abbeville, and we are always looking for guest speakers to enrich our Rotary experience and engagement with the community. Programs generally are 20-25 minutes in length including questions.  We have both a multimedia projector and wifi available.  There are typically 35-50 members in attendance. Guests are always welcome to attend.


If your business, organization, or service is interested in speaking to our organization,  please submit a proposal describing your organization and a summary of the topics you wish to discuss, and the name(s) of who will be speaking to 


Links to prior presentations or videos of your presentation are appreciated but not necessary.  We are not able to pay any speaker fees, but we do provide dinner to one speaker. Additional speaker meals are $20 each.  Please note that requests for funds, donations or purchases can not be made during your presentation, but you are welcome to distribute written information to attendees.  Meetings are typically publicized on Facebook and may be streamed live depending on the topic and interest to the community. 

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